I honestly had no idea, but turns out that our gig on the 4th will coincide with the 60 year anniversary of the launch of Sputnik. Holy shit. Erik gets full credit for making the connection. So come drink many…

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It's been about 1000 degrees in Pasadena for the last week. So we've been hiding away in the garage - just drinking and jamming. As a result, we'll have some new songs to play on the October 4th gig…

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4 parts

Sometimes, 4 parts is simply not enough. So you have to have... 5 parts. The newest song we added to our set is a 5-part composition that ventures into arabic (double harmonic) scale and has multiple breakdowns. Not sure we…Read more


Finally, pictured in the decade where we belong.

The setlist this Friday will be:
1. Roadhouse Blues (cuz you gotta do the Doors to represent SoCal)
2. Freeway (from Liquid Water '07)
3. Outlaw (from the new-new album)
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Erik has been ripping up the curl in Costa Rica. In the meantime, practicing with just the three of us, I've noticed how remarkably hollow the sound is without him. Here is a pic of me and the two Chris's…Read more

Back to Old Towne Pub

We are going back to rock the Old Towne Pub on Friday March 17th. What's that, Steve? Yes it is St. Patrick's day. Get your Irish swag and green beer ready.


It's mid-Jan already, and I haven't posted in a while. There is a good reason. Been laying down tracks instead.


2016 was undeniably a crazy year. Some of the best memories for me (KB) were made right here, making music with Chris S., Eric P., Chris R. & Peter B. Onward to 2017... 

New Stuff

It's been a fun month. We've been working on a bunch of new material (some written by me, some by Chris S.) as well as Hendrix // Doors covers. Peter Buhler also stopped by to fill in for Chris R…Read more


The past few weeks have been filled with travel, work, and other noise. It sure is good to get back to jamming. It's not entirely clear what changes we might make to the setlist for the next show, but among…Read more

T < 1 week

We are less than a week away from the October 19th show at the Old Towne Pub. Totally stoked! Been practicing too much.