Our Story

Formed in 1972 in Moscow, Russia (former USSR), The Seventh Season has embarked on a captivating musical journey spanning several decades. Founded by Yuri Batygin, the band pushed the boundaries of rock 'n' roll, performing their original material at underground venues and carving their sound in a self-engineered DIY home studio. Despite their undeniable talent, the constant threat of arrests forced the band to disband in 1979, leaving behind a rich legacy. 

Two decades later, The Seventh Season experienced a remarkable resurrection in the San Francisco Bay Area, as Yuri joined forces with his son, Konstantin. In 2003, their collaboration yielded the debut album "Fall Within," which resonated with audiences worldwide, receiving airplay on independent radio stations in the US, Germany, Japan, Canada, and the UK. The band tirelessly hit the stage, showcasing their music and crafting new songs, solidifying their place in the rock scene. 

The band's vibrant energy was captured in the captivating live DVD "Transposition," recorded in Emeryville, CA. Their musical evolution culminated in 2007 with the release of their second studio album, "Liquid Water." This album garnered mixed yet positive reviews, and its tracks found a home on independent radio stations. The Seventh Season solidified their reputation as a force to be reckoned with through an exhilarating series of live performances at a series of summer rock festivals in 2008-2010. 

The band's subsequent relocation to Los Angeles marked a new chapter. While continuing to captivate audiences with their dynamic live shows, The Seventh Season began the creative process for their highly anticipated third studio album in 2011. Unfortunately, the project was put on hold as life took the band members on different paths, dispersing them from California. 

The true spirit of rock'n'roll, however, cannot be extinguished for long. In 2015, Konstantin Batygin took the reins and rallied the band back together. The Seventh Season emerged stronger than ever, simultaneously working on two new studio albums that would reignite their musical legacy. Now, in 2023, the band proudly presents "Remembrance" and "Starlight," two studio albums that showcase their evolution and passion. 

But that's not all. The Seventh Season's artistic versatility shines further in their forthcoming release, "Sketches," a compilation of acoustic variants of their beloved songs and unplugged live performances. This collection brings an intimate and raw dimension to their music, revealing the band's depth and versatility. 

As The Seventh Season continues to blaze their trail through the Southern California music scene, they invite you to connect with them directly for more information. Follow their journey on social media and immerse yourself in their music. Get ready to rock as The Seventh Season leaves an indelible mark on the world of rock and roll.